Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2.0

This story of the nativity in the age of web 2.0 is wonderful.  It was put together by Portugal-based web company ExCentric. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Perfect Places Facebook Promotion Winners

Perfect Places Vacation Rental Network Launch on Facebook

And the winners are.....

Apple iPadIt has been very exciting and rewarding to see pictures and learn more about many passionate vacation rental owners and managers over the last 10 days. We want to thank everyone who visited our Facebook page and we are excited to launch the page to travelers and provide another channel to market your properties. Our Facebook page will be used to interact with travelers interested in vacation rentals, highlight specials and great properties, and share news and other items of interest. We hope you will visit frequently and stay involved in the conversation. As promised, we have randomly selected five winners who participated in the launch promotion. The grand prize winner has won an Apple iPad and the next four winners will receive a free one year subscription or one subscription extension for one property on any of our websites. And the winners are...

Traditional Greek House near beach and archaeological sites
Anastasia Barbopoulos
Grand Prize Winner: Apple iPad
Property: Zevgolatio, Peloponnese, Greece
Charming gite in a friendly village in sight of carcassonneRowland Michele Hill
Winner: One year subscription
Property: Carcassonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Superb Holiday Villa with Ocean- and MountainviewHans Janus
Winner: One year subscription
Property: St. Jeannet, Alpes-Maritimes, France
Long Island Beach Rental located in Wine CountryPam Smith
Winner: One year subscription
Property: Southold, Long Island, New York, United States
Spectacular ocean view luxury villa in Buzios, BrazilPoul Winther Knudsen
Winner: One year subscription
Property: Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Friday, December 10, 2010

Perfect Places Vacation Rental Network on Facebook

We just launched our Facebook page (www.facebook/PerfectPlaces) and ran a promotion to invite our customers to join in.  It has been exciting and very gratifying to get to know our customers better from the pictures, comments and links on Facebook.  One of the most amazing things about the Perfect Places customers is how diverse the group is.  Comments have come in from nearly every part of the world and its really just the tip of the iceberg.  Here is a tiny sampling of the customers who have contacted with links to their properties:

Mir Cinque Riviera, Liguria, Italy
Yael West-Dalnoky, Dordogne, France
Bill Crosby, Nova Scotia, Canada
Herb Ritter, Tahoe City, US
Susan Badgley, Bali
Elana Rubin, Jerusalem, Israel
Henry Steven, Bangkok, Thailand

We are thrilled to have this new channel to communicate with both our customers and travelers looking for vacation rentals.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bucket List

What is on your bucket list?

(Hopefully) being on the uphill side of my "age hill" the question doesn't often cross my mind, but recently, while asking family and friends for advice for topics for this fledgling blog the topic has come up again and again. I am amazed at all of the people who have some sort of travel on their bucket list -- some place they feel they MUST go to before their time runs out. While most of them have more than enough vacation time and money to make this happen life seems to get in the way over and over again. Which makes me wonder...why? My mother specifically has ALWAYS wanted to go to Hawaii, she has the time and the money yet hasn't booked the ticket...why?

My husband and I have been very fortunate in traveling and life experiences, but I would be lying to admit that we don't have a "family bucket list" which does include massive amounts of travel -- places we want to take our son, experiences we have had that we desperately want him to have as well -- I think next on our list will be Orlando and Walt Disney World (I'm so excited to see the park through a child's eyes!)

So I guess my question has to be -- what is on your bucket list? Hawaii? Tuscany? Some nearby lake with the whole family? And once you know the place...why not now?