Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bali: A Vacation Destination Perfect for Families

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As with any vacation destination, visitors with children ask about the top places to see and things to do. In Bali, the best answer is to simply absorb the culture which is wholly unique to the island. Bali vacation rentals give you a chance to immerse yourself in everything Bali has to offer.

The Balinese are refreshingly hospitable. You'll be greeted with smiles and treated as friends from the moment you arrive.

Bali children enjoy a special status, pampered and esteemed from the time they're born. Because of this, Bali is a wonderful place to travel with children. Bali is a natural wonderland filled with opportunities for kids to learn about the world around them in a safe, fun and excitingly different way. Bali is simply one of the friendliest destinations for families. You'll always feel relaxed, yet there's always something to keep everyone entertained.

Getting around the island is easy for families as well. There are plenty of inexpensive buses and mini-buses that can take you anywhere. Taxis are also plentiful, and you can always rent a car and drive yourself.

Since Bali is predominantly Hindu, you'll find many highly dramatized performances filled with music, dance and brightly colored processions. Theater, dance and songs are a major part of Bali culture.

You can bicycle around Ubud and see fascinating macaques, learn to surf at Kuta (for older kids or more daring younger ones), snorkel at Menjangan Island, go to a Water Buffalo race in Negara, river raft through the heart of Bali, take a road trip to the otherworldly beauty of Lake Bratan and so much more.

Of course, Bali's beautiful beaches and abundant water activities mean you could spend your whole trip near the water. But with all it's tropical beauty and truly unique local entertainment, you'll discover that it's easy to find many new and exciting experiences in Bali.