Friday, December 2, 2011

Google Flight Search Makes Getting to Your Vacation Rental Easier and Perhaps More Affordable

Online search results for flights continue to get easier, which means getting to your vacation rental is easier. The latest development is Google flight search, which provides real-time flight prices based on your location right within regular search results.

Previously, you had to click into flight search from the Google search page. Now, you can just type in "flights to Orlando" into the normal search page, and you'll get a variety of flight results. 

Of course, the flights may or may not be the best prices you can get. Kayak and some of the other sites dedicated to airline bookings might still offer the best deals. Also, many airlines reserve their lowest prices for bookings made within the airline's website. But at the very least, Google flight search can give you an idea what your tickets will cost. It can be a great planning and budgeting tool when planning a trip to vacation rentals, whether it's for a ski trip or fun in the sun.

Be aware that Google often rolls out new tools and features slowly. If Google flight search isn't showing up for you yet, give it time.