Friday, December 23, 2011

Parents: Track Santa No Matter Where You're at this Christmas

Maybe Santa will need a nice
ski vacation rental after the Holidays?
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If you're staying at a vacation rental over the weekend, your kids might be a little worried whether or not Santa can find them. But you can reassure the little ones with NORAD's Santa Tracker

Parents will also find answers to difficult questions such as:
  • How can Santa travel the world within 24 hours? (Santa does not experience time the way we do--24 hours to us is like a month to Santa); 
  • How old is Santa? (At least 16 centuries old);
  • What route does Santa Travel? (He starts at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean and travels west).
NORAD knows a thing or two about things that fly. It safeguards the skies of North America and is a joint US-Canadian operation. And, as we know, Canada is pretty close to the North Pole!

Here's a video of Santa's progress from last Christmas: