Tuesday, December 6, 2011

20 New Properties Added to Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

Perfect Places is excited to announce the addition of 20 new Sandbridge Blue Realty Services properties in Virginia Beach. The listings will appear on PerfectPlaces.com, forGetaways.com and CoastRentals.com

These properties feature lots of amenities, and many are on the beach or have an ocean view. You'll find pools right near the beach, homes with stunning views, and easy access to shopping, restaurants and activities. There's a rate for every budget and they're perfect for family reunions, extended vacations, and getaways with your spouse or significant other. The properties have lots of space and are beautifully furnished. 

Virginia Beach is a great spot for any type of vacation. You can enjoy scuba diving, parasailing, horseback riding, camping, hiking and biking. Really, just about any interest or hobby can be accommodated.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that house looks amazing! I've been to Virginia beach before and had a ton of fun. You are right in that it not only looks amazing but there are a ton of fun things to do. I am looking at getting some Cape Cod vacation rentals but now after seeing this I may look into some property in Virgina beach too.