Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

Escape with your family and friends to your own
private beach house near Rum Point & Stingray City in the
 Cayman Islands. Click the photo to see more.
More and more people are staying in vacation rentals when traveling, and with good reason. Vacation rentals offer a better value than other types of lodging. No matter how many travelers in your group, you'll get more "bang for your buck." Here are just some of the benefits.

Live like a local. When you go on vacation to a beautiful paradise, you've probably asked the question, "I wonder what it would be like to live here." With a vacation rental, you can get an answer to that question. And you can experience an area at any price range you desire. Whether it's wonderfully upscale neighborhood or quaint home tucked away on a charming street, you can live like a local no matter where you visit. If you're the least bit interested in buying property in the areas you vacation, then vacation rentals are definitely the way to get to know an area.

Luxury all to yourself in Telluride.
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Group travel. If you're traveling with a large group of people (and that generally means groups of more than just two adults), then vacation rentals will be the better way to go. Everyone can share the costs. Or, if that's not an issue, then at least everyone can have their own room and enjoy a lot more privacy. Plus, your group will be able to stay up as late as you want, enjoying the amenities that come with your vacation rental. With a hotel, the more guests in your party, the more you'll pay. Vacation rentals will have a maximum number of guests allowed, but as long as you don't exceed that number, you won't be charged more. And if you have fewer, then everybody gets more space!

If you're traveling with children old enough to have their own rooms, you won't worry about them being in a hotel room all by themselves. A vacation rental will be more like your own home, where you can monitor their activities more closely.

You won't find a restaurant with a better
view or easier access to the beach.
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Full kitchens. One of the biggest expenses and hassles you face when traveling is eating out. Let's not confuse this with a nice dinner at a 5-star restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, or quick dinner after a long day of activities not only adds up cost-wise, but they can stress you out. Ever try to get large group to agree on a place to eat (actually, we've all probably seen a family of three or four disagree on the best place to grab lunch). 

With a vacation rental, you can stock up on groceries everybody likes at the start of your trip, eat out when it's convenient for you, and still save money on your food bill. Plus, buying local produce and groceries gives you an authentic feel for the area you’re in, even down to the neighborhood. Many people who stay in vacation rentals plan on eating breakfast and lunch in their rental and dinner at a restaurant. Some like to eat lunch out, as that's a more affordable meal. The advantage a vacation rental gives you is choice--you're not always forced to eat hotel or restaurant food.

When it comes to beach vacation rentals,
it's hard to beat the Florida Panhandle.

Privacy. In a hotel, you're really a part of a community of strangers. You've got to put up with noisy guests, room service trays in the hall, sharing pools, hot tubs or game rooms and, of course, the dreaded mad dash to the ice machine in your pajamas. With a vacation rental, you have a lot more privacy. In a private vacation rental, the game rooms and entertainment centers are yours and yours alone. You can relax by your own private pool, take a dip in the hot tub at 2 am, and sleep in without worrying about a knock on your door from housekeeping. Even when you rent a condo, you have much more privacy than you would in a more public type of accommodation. Since a property consisting of condos is smaller than a hotel, the management and staff are attentive to your individual needs.

Choice. That brings us to our final benefit for this installment--choice. Whether you're looking for a lake rental, something in a neighborhood or town center, or one on the beach, you get exactly the type of accommodations you want. Hotels are built to make everybody happy and comfortable. A vacation rental is much more personal. You can select a rental with the kind of amenities you want. Perhaps no one in your group is a swimmer. Then you can forego the pool in favor of a larger game room or more space. With many vacation rentals, you can even have it all and use it at your discretion. The point is, you are in more control of your environment when you stay in a vacation rental.