Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Picture Perfect Vacation Rentals Around the World

View from Wengen, Switzerland, vacation rental
What's the first thing you do when you arrive in a vacation rental, hotel, motel or resort? Well, right after putting down your bags, you probably go to the nearest window and check out the view. While no one expects snow-peaked mountain or endless ocean panoramas every time they travel, there's still nothing like an incredible view to make your stay more enjoyable. Here are three picturesque locations with stunning views.

Wengen, Switzerland

Located at the base of the Eiger-Monch-Jungfrau mountain range. No cars have been allowed in the village for over 100 years, so you'll need to park in Lauterbrunnen and take a 15-minute train ride to get to this picturesque Alpine village (it sits at an altitude of almost 4,200 feet). Skiing's popular in the winter in Wengen, while the summer you can enjoy unforgettable hiking and mountain climbing in the summer. A Switzerland vacation rental is a great way to see this beautiful area. 

Eze, France

Eze, France, vacation rental. 
Incredible views of the Mediterranean and medieval charm make Eze one of the most popular spots on the French Riviera. It sits atop a cliff and near Nice. Besides soaking in the incredible views and romance of this magical place (it was one of Walt Disney's favorites), you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, sailing and cultural and sporting events from April to December. Eze enjoys a year-round warm climate, as evidenced by an abundance of tropical vegetation such as bananas, dates, carob, and citrus trees. You'll have easy access to beaches as well. Check out this stunning Eze vacation rental

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov vacation rental
Founded around the year 1253, Cesky Krumlov is surrounded by rolling hills and sites along the Vltava River. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's famous for it's old town, which features cobblestone streets and 300 protected medieval buildings, a castle, and the second largest church in the Czech Republic. You'll find a dozen museums and galleries, beautiful castle gardens, as well as historic and modern theaters. Cesky Krumlov is a retreat for artists, writers and musicians. The 5-Petalled Rose Celebration turns Cesky Krumlov into a Renaissance-era town every year, with dances, concerts, theatrical performances, knights, noble men and women and more. It runs for 3 days in mid-June. Here's a large Czech vacation rental perfect for an extended trip to this beautiful area.