Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Tips for Enjoying 5-Star Travel on a Budget

You can travel in style no matter what your budget. Here are three easy  tips to help you enjoy a 5-star vacation without spending a bundle.

Tip #1. Travel during the should and off season. While this will vary from location to locations, travel general dips during the fall when people are more focused on going back to school, winding down from summer vacations, and perhaps simply enjoying great fall weather in their area. Even if all of those reason apply to you, you can still book an exciting weekend at an exclusive, high-end vacation rental for a weekend and save big.

Tip #2. The travel business is going social. There's been a big push by just about every company in the world to increase presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These social media sites provide an easy, low-cost way for companies to announce special deals and incentives to a wide audience. Plus, they often offer "friends and followers only" discounts that aren't available to the general public. So go ahead and get on Facebook and Like Perfect Places, your favorite airline, destinations, rental car companies and any other websites associated with travel. You're sure to come across great deals. For example, Perfect Places has already given away two $250 VISA gift cards--that's cash two lucky winners can spend on their next vacations!

Tip #3. Stay in a vacation rental. A 5-star vacation rental can be a destination all on its own. Many come with amenities you simply won't find at a hotel or even a resort, such as private swimming pools right on the beach, mountain chalets nestled amid the beauty of nature, and cool bungalows in hip neighborhoods. Be sure to research your rental carefully, and ask the property manager or owner questions about the property. It's easier than you think to enjoy deluxe accommodations on a budget.