Monday, April 16, 2012

Private Jets and Vacation Rentals-A First Class Combination

How's this for experiencing luxury without spending an arm and a leg: You can save up to 50% on private jet service for your next vacation. When you combine that with a stay in a beautiful vacation rental, you'll truly be traveling in style--for less.

At, private jet operators sell chartered flights for as much as half off.

"Go ahead, indulge," said Elliott Schwartz, Director of Operations for EmptyLegMarket, an online database where travelers can find unsold segments on a private jet's route. Jet operators are eager to fill these flights, which they refer to as "empty legs."

For example, a recent flight from Houston to Los Angeles on a 6-seat jet cost just $1,500--that's $250 per person. A recent flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a 4-seat jet cost just $500.

In many cases, that's going to be far less than a commercial flight in coach, and less than a commercial flight in business or first class. Plus, you avoid many of the hassles associated with flying--long lines through security, crowds, non-weather related delays and more. In some cases, it can make traveling with children or people with special needs much easier.

"These flights don't just originate out of hubs," Schwartz said. People are flying from popular vacation destinations such as in California, Florida, Texas and other warm weather states.

"Jet operators are eager to fill these empty legs," Schwartz said. "If a jet is chartered one way to a destination, returning to its home base empty is a lost revenue opportunity."

They're also a great option for last minute flights. While booking a last minute flight through a commercial airline will likely cost a great deal, snagging an empty leg on a private jet could actually be a lot cheaper.

Another advantage is that you can work with the operator to find departure times that are convenient for you.

Whether your time is limited and you want to make the most of it, or you've got all the time in the world and simply want to travel to your vacation rental in style, an empty leg private jet may be the ticket.

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