Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Tips for Green Travel

From recycling and reducing, to biking and walking, people everywhere are taking steps to take responsibility for making the planet greener. Travel is no exception, and vacation rentals are one way people are traveling green.

1. Stay in a Vacation Rental. This is really one of the greenest ways you can travel. Vacation rentals are usually 2nd homes or vacation homes that don't get a lot of use by the owners. They most often in highly desirable vacation locations. By using a vacation rental, your making good use of an existing property , rather than adding capacity to a hotel or resort.

2. Take a Train. Rail travel is still an alternative in the United States. Most people who've taken a train cross country have enjoyed the experience. The tracks go through areas you'd never see on the road, and the slower pace is leisurely enough to make the journey enjoyable, yet fast enough to get you where you're going in a timely manner.

3. Stay Closer to Home. While a trip to a faraway island is certainly a necessity from time to time, you might try visiting areas within a one or two day drive of your home. With GPS and smartphones, it's easier than ever to travel by car. Yes, you'll be using gas, but in all likelihood you'll be using less energy overall.