Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travelers and Owners Alike Can Benefit from Pinterest

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Pinterest is now the third largest social media website, behind Facebook and Twitter. That's pretty good company. Pinterest is based on images. If there's a vacation rental, a wonderful view, an article of clothing, a craft project, piece of furniture or other image you want to share, you "pin it" on your Pinterest board and share it. You can also repin images pinned by other users. Think of Pinterest as a big blank refrigerator, where everyone pins images they want others to see (though it's much more organized than many refrigerators!). You organize your pins on "boards" based on anything you want. Most people create boards on specific subject areas, like "Fantastic Views," and then add images that fit the subject to the board.

Vacation rentals are perfect for Pinterest, whether you're a property manager or owner, or a traveler. Owners can feature their properties on their boards, as well as images from their surrounding area. You can build links into the images (it's easy), so that users can click and go right to a property page or to that cool new restaurant you want to tell them about.
Travelers can share images of places they'd like to stay, and even ask opinions of their fellow pinners. Many pinners are doing so to try to decide which rental to stay in.

Pinterest has a predominantly female user base. This may be because it got its start in fashion and crafts. Many women also make the "where to vacation" decisions for their families, so Pinterest is an easy way for them to gather, share and discover information.

Pinterest is one of the easiest social media sites to use. It takes just a few seconds to pin a photo and add a comment and link. You'll then be notified about who repins or likes your pins. Check out the Perfect Places Pinterest page for ideas.