Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Off-the-Beaten Path Places to Visit in Europe

Traveling to Europe's a great experience, no matter where you go. But if you've already been and are looking for something different or have never been and are looking for a truly unique European experience, consider these two off-the-beaten path destinations.

Get swept away by beautiful Bornholm
Escape the buzz of Copenhagen, especially during high season, and get to Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea. It's been called the "Pearl of the Baltic," and features beaches that feel more like the Mediterranean than Denmark. It's known for the arts, round churches, and delicious smoked herring (as opposed to picked herring), this beautiful island is less populated than the rest of Denmark. It's forests and natural beauty makes for a great vacation spot. And it's proximity to Sweden, Poland and Germany give it an international feel, which is highlighted by the fact that most Americans have yet to discover it.

You'l find lots of natural beauty in Jura.
Tucked in a rugged, undeveloped region in the northwest of Switzerland, Jura and the 3 Lakes is known for a variety of landscapes and an intact natural environment. Jura gives you plenty of space in the valleys, stunning vistas of the mountains, peaceful meadows filled with flowers, and plenty of outdoor activities. You'll also find diverse and picturesque towns and villages, whether it's Neuchatel and its vineyards or Biel and its watchmaking history. There are plenty of historic and architectural treasures to see and explore in Jura.