Friday, July 27, 2012

Staying Fit's Easy at a Vacation Rental: 3 Common-Sense Tips

Eat out and blow your diet? Why would you,
when you could cook (or just eat a bowl
oatmeal) in a kitchen like this!

Traveling can wreak havoc on your diet, whether you're trying to lose weight or not. Eating meals out, taking the elevator down multiple floors to get to a workout room with crowded machines, and just being off your routine can cause serious setbacks in the battle of the bulge. Just going outside can be daunting since most hotels and motels are located high-traffic areas not conducive to walking or running. Vacation rentals give you a better chance at staying fit on vacation. Here are three common sense tips to keep in mind.

Calories in matter more than calories you burn. What you eat matters more to your overall fitness more than the calories you burn working out. While getting a daily dose of exercise is critical, you may already know that if you blow it with a cheeseburger and malt at lunch in Disneyworld, then all that sweat was for naught. Vacation rentals allow you to stay in complete control of the food you eat because they have kitchens. Make a shopping list before you leave home and stick to it when you stock your vacation rental pantry.

Find hidden treasures in your neighborhood while you get some exercise. Your vacation rental may or may not come with exercise equipment, just as many hotels or motels may or may not have work out rooms. If need be, you can always get a temporary gym membership at a nearby health club. But a better solution is to get out and walk or run. In a vacation rental, that will be relatively easy as most are located in neighborhoods or foot-traffic friendly resort areas. Not only will you get lots of fresh air and sunshine, you truly start to feel like a part of the community your vacationing in. That's a wonderful feeling, and provides many small, aha moments throughout the day that you'll remember forever. Since you'll be out of a car and on your two feet, you'll probably discover hidden sights and attractions that only the locals know about.

Bring your workout DVDs. All vacation rentals come with DVD players, so bring your favorite workouts along with you. If you don't have any, get a couple before your trip. And since most vacation rentals are going to have lots of space to spread out, the odds of you disturbing your travel buddies with an early morning workout in front of the TV are slim to none. Plus, popping in a DVD in your vacation rental makes it easy to fit your workout routine into your busy vacation schedule.

One last tip: a vacation rental will quickly feel like home to you. So whatever you do at home should easily work at your vacation rental.