Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Ideas for a Relaxing & Memorable Labor Day Vacation

This Labor Day, how about a beach all to yourself?

Labor Day's a great opportunity to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall and the start of school. Travel falls off for most people during September and October, before picking up again at the Holidays. So make sure you take a relaxing, memorable vacation this Labor Day, to tide you over until you jet off to a beach in January.


Speaking of beaches, why not send summer off with a rousing bang and hit a favorite beach, or perhaps try someplace new. Grab a quick flight to the Florida Panhandle, Southern California, or the Eastern seaboard -- Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach and Hilton Head, for example. While Labor Day can still be busy, you just might be pleasantly surprised by the lack of crowds in some location. You'll face your first day back at work or school with a killer tan and warm memories of sand and sunshine.


Another great way to send the summer off in style is with a golf vacation. You can stay in the lower 48 and find fantastic golfing in Florida, Arizona and South Carolina. Or treat yourself with a golf vacation to Hawaii. Spend a long weekend golfing in a beautiful location and you'll come back relaxed and recharged.


Despite its name, Labor Day is all about doing anything but work. That's why long weekend of indulgence at a spa makes so much sense, and would be such a welcome relief. As great as summer is, it can be stressful, especially with the heat most areas of the country experienced. And since you might not have a long weekend for several months, relaxing in quite, Zen-like setting with peaceful sounds, sights and aromas will help you recharge and energize for the fall.

So get away this Labor Day -- don't hang around for the same old barbecues and local events. Find an out-of-the-way piece of paradise and make the last weekend of summer one to remember.