Thursday, September 20, 2012

3 Ways to Save Money on Air Travel

Don't spend your vacation money on airfare.
Spend it on having a beach like this
all to yourself.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to save time money when traveling. After all, vacation rentals offer the best value for your lodging dollar, so why shouldn’t you get the best deals for the rest of your trip? Here are a 3 websites that can help you save money on what's usually the biggest portion of anyone's travel budget -- airfare. Flying overseas? Then check out It searches for local, budget airlines you might otherwise overlook, or not even know about. This can really help you cut costs, especially if you’re jetting to a beautiful, remote island in the Adriatic. You simply enter your origination and destination airports, and lists airlines the major online booking services overlook. There’s a great trend happening in the travel business—refunds when the price of a ticket drops. But how do you keep track of the price of your ticket? It’s a pain constantly checking, and even if you take the time, you might miss a price drop that’s followed quickly with a price increase. It’s all about timing. will do all that work for you automatically and will send you an email or Tweet when your flight drops in price. Then, it’s up to you to contact your airline and travel agent to ask for a refund. (At the very least, you should ask for a voucher on future travel.)

Frequent-flyers. Frequent Flyer Services offers a couple of great tools for frequent flyers. is a great resource for a wide array of information about programs from a wide variety of airlines. You can even see how your miles convert between programs. is a newsletter that provides a lot of great information about frequent flyer programs. If you’re a business traveler or a vacation traveler who flies a lot, you’ll definitely want to bookmark these sites and subscribe to their services.

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