Monday, September 17, 2012

Destination of the Week: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Now's a great time to visit the Outer Banks. In fact, US News and World Report says September to November is one of the best times to vista the OBX. Summertime heat and humidity of have dropped (along with prices), yet it's still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities. There are great events, such as the OBX Marathon and Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival, as well as other regular activities such as hanggliding, parasailing, lighthouse exploring, sailing, fishing, golfing and, of course, lazy days of beachcombing. US News says March through May are also a great time to visit, for many of the same reasons. Of course, summer is fantastic in the OBX with a full event schedule and a nearly endless supply of summertime activities. And even if you decide to visit the Outer Banks from December to February, you'll still find plenty to do (and at greatly reduced rates!).

Naturally, you'll want to be near the water during your stay. There are plenty of Outer Banks vacation rentals perfectly situated near the water, such as this one featuring a lovely walk to the Atlantic. 

If oceanfront isn't in your budget, you can always find vacation rentals near other great locations, such as this one near Crystal Lake.

What vacation would be complete without a daily dip in the hot tub. 

Architecture is truly unique in the Outer Banks. For example, this vacation rental in Rodanthe is as tall as a three story house, meaning you're going to have some great views from the either the first or second floor. 

Since the Outer Banks is a vacation area, you'll find vacation rentals with relaxing furnishings and wide open and airy rooms. You'll feel like you're still on the beach, even when winding down the day on a comfy couch. Note the view out the living room window.