Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Your Thanksgiving Vacation Plans Now

Imagine relaxing here after your
Thanksgiving Day meal in Telluride, Colorado.

Wait a minute--didn't we just have the hottest summer on record? And now we're talking about Thanksgiving travel? Indeed, now's the time you should be booking your Thanksgiving travel plans, if you haven't done so already.

Thanksgiving falls on November 22 this year, so it's fairly early compared to other years. Airfare is still affordable, but will be rising quickly as the holiday approaches. Try booking your flights for the Monday before (November 19) or on Thanksgiving Day itself for the cheapest fares. While traveling on the holiday may seem unusual, you'll not only likely save money, you'll also avoid crushing crowds. Certainly, if you can get a direct flight to your destination, it's could be a great choice. 

Or relax in sunny Florida during
Thanksgiving week.
Finding a vacation rental may or may not be easy, depending on where you're going. For example, some areas of Florida (especially the further north you go), have lots of availability from September through the end of winter. However, prime locations do get booked for holidays, so if you want to eat turkey on the beach, book now. Vacation rentals in ski areas tend to book faster, as some areas will be open for skiing over the holiday. Even if the slopes aren't open, spending Thanksgiving in a beautiful, quaint and romantic mountain area is a fantastic way to start out the holiday season.

Yes, that would be the beach right outside
your living room in La Jolla, California. A perfect
spot for a nap after your feast.
Some areas to check into include Orlando and Telluride. Orlando is, of course, home to Disneyworld. Make a long weekend of it, or take the kids out of school Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and have a holiday you'll remember forever. Perfect Places has some stunning properties in Telluride. Why not get together with some of your relatives and escape to a luxurious mountain retreat. Many come with full gourmet kitchens, so you can cook your Thanksgiving feast in style. Or, head out to one of the areas restaurants.

Other areas to consider are San Diego, Branson, Missouri, Savannah, Georgia and places in North Carolina, South Carolina, coastal and further inland. You can find lots of choices for vacation rentals at PerfectPlaces.com.