Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spending The Holidays In A Vacation Rental

Christmas on the beach?

It's that time of year again. Everyone is making plans for the holidays and going through the difficult process of deciding who to spend Christmas with. Rather than deal with the stress at home, why not book a vacation rental? Whether you decide to escape as a couple, or bring along the entire extended family, going away for the holidays can be a fun and easy way to celebrate.

Traveling at peak times

People are often put off from traveling around the holidays because they see the journey as a big hassle. True, the airlines are busy, and family travel can be annoying to arrange, but booking well in advance and doing things like car sharing to the airport can help make it easier on the family. If you're traveling within the USA, then a road trip may be a better option. Hire a minivan or even a bus so you've got plenty of space for your family and their luggage. Don't be afraid to explore options like taking a train as part of your trip, whatever makes your itinerary less stressful. Remember that a vacation rental gives you a great deal of flexibility. Not everyone has to arrive or depart on the same day, so if there's a large party you can organize your trip around different schedules. This can allow certain people to travel and quieter times and help you organize a convenient itinerary for everyone.

Warm Christmas memories.
Where to go?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to vacation rental. If you're the kind of family who enjoys summer all year round, then perhaps you'd enjoy Florida. It's a classic family vacation spot, and there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, perfect for when you've got to keep all the generations happy. California is also popular. Accommodations in beachfront areas will often be condos, but if you have a bigger party there are plenty of villas available, many with private pools, so you can celebrate the holidays with a BBQ or pool party.

Perhaps the holidays just wouldn't be the same for your family without snowy landscapes, cozy fires and everyone in warm sweaters. If so, consider a place in the mountains, such as the Colorado Rockies or the Lake Tahoe area. You’ll find the kind of picture-perfect day normally seen on greetings cards. Whether it's a sleek townhouse in Aspen, or a classic mountain home far from civilization, you're guaranteed a white Christmas and a peaceful vacation. Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous, try heading to Europe for a truly magical Christmas.

If your family enjoys big cities, endless Christmas light, and plenty of culture, then consider a vacation rental in a larger metro area such as New York or Montreal. Many people are put off trips to larger cities because of the expense, but with a vacation rental is often much more affordable than a hotel. You have the convenience of your own kitchen, meaning you don't have to spend money on eating out for every meal.

Perhaps a Holiday escape to Europe.
Celebrating away from home

If you've never spent the holidays away from home, it can be a daunting prospect. After all, this time of year is stressful and often involves lots of planning and coordination. One of the joys of going away for the holidays is that you can make your Christmas a lot simpler. If you're staying near a major tourist area then there will be plenty of grocery and department stores for any last minute shopping, and being in a group means you can assign people to take on different tasks. Keep things informal, and remember that the point of going away is to relax!

What to pack

Your vacation home will have most of the essentials such as cooking utensils, so don't feel like you need to bring too much. You may wonder what to do about gifts, since you may not have much room for luggage. Consider doing a secret Santa gift exchange, or setting a limit on the amount you spend on each other. Buy small presents such as gift cards or jewelry, or perhaps make this the Christmas where you all agree not to buy presents for each other. The money you'll save will help pay for your vacation or give you some extra cash to spend on a fun day out.

Wherever you decide to spend your holidays, consider a vacation rental to bring your family together and enjoy your celebrations in a beautiful location with all the amenities you'll need for a stress-free trip.