Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 New Vacation Rentals in Edinburgh, Scotland

Planning a trip to Europe? Or perhaps you're looking for a vacation that's wonderfully different yet easily accessible. Consider Edinburgh, Scotland, a city rich in history, culture and entertainment. Edinburgh vacation rentals are a great way to explore the city and region as they give you a relaxing home base where you can settle in for a weekend, a week or even longer. And Perfect Places is excited to announce 9 new vacation rentals from Edinburgh at Home.

The first thing you'll notice the stunning, historic architecture. Over 4,500 buildings in the Old and New Towns are listed as World Heritage sites. Old Town includes medieval sites such as Edinburgh Castle, while New Town features neoclassical architecture dating to the 18th century. In Old Town you'll find the Royal Mile with its closes (parcels of land bordered by a wall or hedge), Reformation-era buildings, kirks (churches), turrets and out of the places. In New Town, you'll walk through Georgian Terraces, wide spaces built by members of the upper class seeking to escape Old Town.

Edinburgh's a city filled with atmosphere and historic charm. Scotland's capital until 1707, the city still carries the weight of that importance proudly. The University of Edinburgh gained a reputation as one of the world's leading educational institutions, and the Bank of Scotland, established in 1695, made Edinburgh a financial center.

After taking in Old and New Town, try the Scotch Whiskey Experience and learn how whisky's made. Shop on Princes Street, visit the National Galleries of Scotland and the National Museum of Scotland. Be sure to take a tour of pubs and literature with the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour.

After seeing Edinburgh Castle, you make want to dig deeper into Scotland's noble history. You'll have plenty of opportunities, as Edinburgh's surrounded by nearby castles, such as Dirleton, Tantallion, Crichton, Linlithgow and Blackness.

Regardless of your itinerary, you're sure to enjoy your stay in Edinburgh, and come away with wonderful memories of a historic city, region and nation.