Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Traveling with Friends & Staying in Vacation Rentals Just Got Easier

Vacation rentals and group travel go together. A vacation rental's the perfect lodging choice when you go with family and friends--it's more affordable than a resort or hotel, everyone can get their own room, and you have private pools, hot tubs, etc. But organizing group trips can be a pain. Getting everyone on the same page takes time, emails, text messages, missed calls and, worst of all, hurt feelings if someone feels like their opinion wasn't taken into consideration.

Plan with Friends from Perfect Places makes planning vacations with groups easier than ever.

First, select the vacation rentals you're interested in--they don't have to be just from either. No matter what property you like, no matter what website you find it on, you can save the property to your Plan with Friends account on Perfect Places. Creating a Plan with Friends account is easy, too (and FREE!). You can login via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn (fantastic for business trip or retreat planning), Yahoo!, AOL, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, OpenID, VeriSign, PayPal, or use your email address.

Once you've saved your favorite properties, you can then share and discuss the people traveling with you. You can share any way you like--via one of the social networks mentioned above or email. Your friends can then discuss the pros and cons of each property with you.

But perhaps best of all, if a property is bookable online, you can book it through Plan with Friends. At, we have over 44,000 vacation rentals available for secure online booking using a credit card.

Perfect Places is more than just our name. We truly want you to find the perfect vacation place--and Plan with Friends is just one more way we help you have your best vacation ever. Check it out now. If you have questions, leave a comment below and we'll respond ASAP.