Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vacation Rentals & Florida State Parks -- the Perfect Money-Saving Match for Off Season Travel

Sandcastle building at St. Joseph
State Park in Florida. Nobody around
for miles.

If you've ever stayed in vacation rentals in the off season, you know how great it can be. Most tourist areas are in nice locations, weather-wise, so even if it's cooler, it's still pleasant compared to more wintery locations. Many attractions are still open (though some activities, such as para sailing, may not be), and the locals are glad to see you.

While in season travel is great because you'll have lots to do, going to a tourist area in the height of their busy season has its drawbacks. Everything's more expensive and crowded.

One big advantage to off season travel is the lack of crowds. If your vacation rental is in a heavily traveled tourist area, you'll have the unique and enjoyable experience of having it nearly all to yourself. For example, staying in a Florida vacation rental during the off season means you can visit Florida's wonderful state parks and see very few people. And when you hear the words "Florida state park," think beach.

You'll find pristine, beautiful, wide open beaches perfect for sand castle building or long walks. While a tan may take a bit longer to achieve, you can still throw down your beach towel, lay back and have a nice nap in the sand and sun. Rather than picnic on the beach with you and 100s of strangers, you can have a romantic lunch or fun family gathering, and not see another person walk by.

Florida state parks feature plenty of amenities--walking trails, interpretive centers, bike rentals, areas to Jet Ski, and much more. There are plenty of them and they're easy to get to.