Friday, February 1, 2013

Vacation Rental Property Owners and Managers Expect a Big Push Towards Social Media in 2013

It's not your imagination -- social media is getting bigger every year, and 2013 will see a big push by vacation rental owners and managers to use the Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media as a major marketing channel.

Whether or not social media results in bookings is a question to be answered, but most owners and managers plan on using social media ahead of paid or organic search. In fact, social media will rank behind only free and paid listing sites as a marketing channel.

That's one of the takeaways from Perfect Places Vacation Rentals 2013 MarketingSurvey, conducted January 24 - 28. Another is that people are expecting 2013 to be better for bookings than 2012. What's more, they report that 2012 was better than 2011, so overall things are warming up in the vacation rental climate, even if it's slower than what we'd like.

In response to the question, "What online marketing channels are your focus for 2013?," 37.3% chose social media. Email marketing was close behind at 33.3%, while organic and paid search came in fifth and sixth at 19.6% and 14.7%, respectively.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the more properties managed, the more reliance on social media. Property owners and managers with at least 50 vacation rentals and $10,000 in their marketing budgets plan on using social media the most in 2013.

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