Friday, March 15, 2013

21 Ways to Save Money in Florida--with More to Come

This is always Free in Florida.

Florida's one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, with good reason. There are lots of world-class beaches, theme parks and plenty of sunshine year-round.

Even in the troubled economy we've had the past few years, Florida remains a favorite spot to visit, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. In order to help you get the most out of your trips to the Sunshine State, we're compiling ways for you to save money on our the Florida pages on our website. We'll be updating these for the entire state and specific regions. You can see 14 money saving tips on our main Florida vacation rentals page, and another 7 tips on our Florida Panhandle vacation rentals page. Here are some examples:

14 Free -- or Nearly Free -- Things to Do in Florida and the Florida Panhandle

Skimp on souvenirs, spend on this. Perfect for group travel.
Stroll Disney's downtown. While you won't be in the actual theme park, it's a great way to touch on the Disney experience. You can even catch the Epcot fireworks at night over the treetops.

National Naval Aviation Museum. With over 300,000 square feet of exhibit space on 37 acres, there’s lots to see at this one-of-a-kind museum. And it's all free, all the time. You can even catch a Blue Angles practice flight.

Florida State Parks. One of the absolute best bargains in Florida. You'll pay less than $10 per vehicle (sometimes closer to $5) to gain entry, but you'll have literally some of the world's best beaches at your disposal, not to mention a host of great activities. A trip to Florida must include a trip to a Florida State Park.

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Easy Ways to Save Money in Florida

Disney during the day, a town home villa
in this resort in Davenport at night.
Starting at $79/night.
Live Like a Local. Staying in a vacation rental gives you a natural advantage when it comes to saving money. You can cook your own meals and pack your own snacks. While that's great, take it a step further. Ask locals about the cheapest and best places to shop. They'll steer you away from the trendy, over-priced mega-grocery stores and towards the neighborhood markets or discount stores. 

Ask them about restaurants, cafes and diners too. Then, when you're ready to eat out, you'll have affordable options that you know are good.

Grab Every Coupon Book You Can Find. You should have a stack of coupon books sitting on your vacation rental's kitchen table. Even if you just use one or two coupons out of each book, the savings will be well worth the five or ten minutes you spend perusing them.

Stay Out of Touristy Souvenir Shops. Wal Marts, Targets, K-Marts, Walgreens and other chains all carry perfectly great souvenirs. The folks back home won't know whether or not you bought Mickey at a CVS or in the Disney Store.

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In Florida, the sun is never gone for long. It rains, and then sunshine returns quickly.  And even if your pocketbook has taken a hit in this economy, you can brighten up your vacations with some money-saving advice from Perfect Places.

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