Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The ultimate "getaway"

The Dead Sea?
Too many people
Mount Rainier?
Too much snow
Mt. Everest?
Not High Enough

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For the extreme traveler who has seen it all (and doesn't have too many pesky attachments to family or friends) there may be a new and "out of this world" destination...Mars.  A company called Mars One (http://applicants.mars-one.com/) has recently started taking applications to be among the first to settle Mars.      At this writing there are over 400 people who have filled out an application -- now to me that seems a little crazy as it involved over 8 years of training, oh, and you (more than likely) don't even get to come back -- among other hardships...but I also think it is kinda amazing to see the pioneering spirit of so many people around the world.  This particular company also has a unique way of financing the mission that is sure to be a hit -- they are bringing reality TV in to play -- yes ladies and gentlemen, this is all going to be televised and it will be up to you to determine who the final four are (lets just hope they don't kill each other on the 7 month flight -- I already know I am not up for the task as even a 7 hour flight is liable to make me contemplate homicide :-)
Thinking Mars might be a little out of your league too?  Here are a few vacation destinations that are still extreme and sure to please:
Biking in Moab, Utah:
Skiing/Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe:
Climbing in California's High Sierra's
Boating in Lake Havasu, Arizona
Jungle Adventures  :-)

Happy Travels Friends!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Vacation in Luxury in Greece or the Caribbean

Mani House, Greece

Look at that view -- it's the harbor in Gytheion, Peloponnese, Greece, and it captures the warmth, luxury and exclusivity of one of our newest arrivals. Gytheion was a seaport of the famed city-state Sparta. Of course, you'll see plenty of ancient ruins and enjoy delicious Greek food, wine and wonderful hospitality. The Mani House vacation rental, pictured below, can accommodate up to 8 guests in an incredibly high standard of luxury, but for less than you might think (click photos to see rates and availability).

Mani House isn't just beautiful -- it's comfortable as well. This private villa, set apart on a hillside and offering stunning views, features a private pool and is built in the ancient style. The stone blends with a clean, modern interior that's relaxing. Once you arrive, you'll be tempted to settle in, but since there's so much to see in this region of Greece, you'd be advised to save your downtime for the evening, while you enjoy a glass of wine and the view.

The kitchen comes equipped with all the modern conveniences -- you'll lack nothing and feel like you're at home, except for the stunning Greek architecture that surrounds you, of course. The patio is just off the kitchen and offers a barbeque grill and bread oven, so you can create your very own flavors of Greece.

There are four bedrooms, two with en suite baths, and each with direct access to the pool. An office upstairs, with an en suite bath, means you can stay as long as you like and conduct your business from your private Greek villa.

To maximize your comfort level, Mani House employs a caretaker who looks after the property, living in a self-contained apartment in the basement level, removed from the main living areas. He tends to the pool in the morning when you're not using it and will hardly be noticed. He's a professional who knows the importance of being discreet, yet is available at a moment’s notice should you need assistance. How many times have you wished you had someone at home like that?

Crystal Sands Villa, Turks Caicos

If you're going to escape to the Caribbean, escape in style to the Crystal Sands Villa in Turks and Caicos. They're offering last minute specials all the way through April 2014. Click on of the photos at left or below for details. You'll be glad you booked a stay in this luxurious villa. It's a two-level villa, with 2,100 square feet per floor. The floors can be rented separately or together. There are four master suites, each with a direct view of the beach. You'll enjoy a 50-foot long balcony and a private swimming pool. Crystal Sands was recently named as a Fodor's Choice in the 1st Edition of the Turks and Caicos Guide.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Florida!

Ponce De Leon probably would have enjoyed
relaxing by this pool after his long sea voyage.

Sometime around April 2nd or 3rd, 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon set foot in Florida. Some say it was at St. Augustine. Others say it was further south. Nobody knows for sure, but St. Augustine is the oldest continuous European settlement on the continent, established in 1565. This was before Jamestown or Plymouth Rock.

Regardless of where Ponce De Leon landed, being the first place where explorers set foot on the North American continent is something to be proud of. It's also a great reason to travel to Florida for some sunshine and relaxation.

Explore the De Soto Trail near Bradenton, visit Port St. Joe, the first capital, and along the way check out sites documenting Florida's underground railroad. And if history's not your thing, then just relax on a beach. Close your eyes, soak up the sun, and imagine a ship full of Spanish explorers anchored off shore.

After all, when we think of Florida, we don't normally think of a long historical tradition (Native American settlement dates back 12,000 years). That's one of the reasons you'll find lots of fun celebrations throughout the state. The Florida Department of State is planning 200 events statewide to commemorate the historic date. It's a great celebration of culture, history, heritage--everything that goes into making Florida the diverse and exciting state it is today.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Perfect Places New Arrivals -- Great Vacation Rentals Around the World

Perfect Places added great new properties in March in hot vacation destinations around the world. Let's take a look at some of them, and what the areas they're in have to offer.

Nova Scotia

This lovely cottage is another great addition to our properties in Nova Scotia, a Canadian province with a lot to offer. You'll find cliffs, meadows and incredible views, wonderful roads perfect for a day in the car, exploring wineries, lighthouses, and historical stops. Take in the Halifax Waterfront, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Alexander Keith's Brewery, living history museums, clam digging and more. You can see more Nova Scotia cottage rentals at Perfect Places.


Marseillan, France, is a tranquil community in the South of France along the Mediterranean. It doesn't have the glamour of the Riviera, but the port of Marseillan (which is a protected heritage site) retains the charm that originally drew writers and artists to this serenely isolated fishing village. While the population has grown since those days, Marseillan remains a wonderful escape.


Here's something that can be hard to find--a pet friendly vacation rental near Disney in Kissimmee, Florida. You already know why you want to travel to Disney World. Now you have a place that'll take your dog too. Plus, it has a private pool for relaxation after a long day at the theme parks.

There are more to see. Check out our Facebook page for March new arrivals, and be sure to Like us so you can get updates. 

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