Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The ultimate "getaway"

The Dead Sea?
Too many people
Mount Rainier?
Too much snow
Mt. Everest?
Not High Enough

photo courtesy www.snowbrains.com

For the extreme traveler who has seen it all (and doesn't have too many pesky attachments to family or friends) there may be a new and "out of this world" destination...Mars.  A company called Mars One (http://applicants.mars-one.com/) has recently started taking applications to be among the first to settle Mars.      At this writing there are over 400 people who have filled out an application -- now to me that seems a little crazy as it involved over 8 years of training, oh, and you (more than likely) don't even get to come back -- among other hardships...but I also think it is kinda amazing to see the pioneering spirit of so many people around the world.  This particular company also has a unique way of financing the mission that is sure to be a hit -- they are bringing reality TV in to play -- yes ladies and gentlemen, this is all going to be televised and it will be up to you to determine who the final four are (lets just hope they don't kill each other on the 7 month flight -- I already know I am not up for the task as even a 7 hour flight is liable to make me contemplate homicide :-)
Thinking Mars might be a little out of your league too?  Here are a few vacation destinations that are still extreme and sure to please:
Biking in Moab, Utah:
Skiing/Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe:
Climbing in California's High Sierra's
Boating in Lake Havasu, Arizona
Jungle Adventures  :-)

Happy Travels Friends!