Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top Family Vacation Destinations and Tips Too!

Taking a family vacation is a fantastic way to make memories that everyone in the family will remember forever.  Some of the fondest memories people have are of their family vacations.  However, it can be difficult to plan a family vacation, taking some of the fun out of it.  We want you to have the best family vacation ever, so we have a few tips on how to plan the ultimate family vacation as well as some of the most popular destinations!
Disney-area 10 bedroom vacation home

1.  Plan...AHEAD.
Yes, this is pretty important!  For the most part, taking family vacations take a lot of planning, especially if you have families traveling long distances. Another reason this is so important is that most often, family vacations are taken at peak vacation times like summer break, Christmas break, and spring break.  These times of the year often book up very fast and the best accommodations are booked up well in advance.  For example, try to book a vacation rental that sleeps 12 people in the middle of spring break--it's nearly impossible if you wait until the last minute.  We say nearly because of course there are exceptions depending on where the destination is.

2.  Have a leader...or two.
It can be hard to juggle all of the tasks of planning a big family vacation, so put someone in charge of the majority of the planning and keep things organized.  It's also nice to be able to delegate tasks like booking a fishing trip, airport transportation, or making dinner reservations.   So you might want to pass along some of those tasks to another person or two.

3.  Plan for more than enough space
Family vacations are without a doubt one of the most fun things a family can do together!  At the same time, it's no fun to all squeeze into one tiny hotel room.  Let's face it, at the end of the day, we are happy to all be together but we might want some space.  Having extra space can reduce the stresses of travel and make it more enjoyable for everyone.  How could a family of 5 sleep all night in one hotel room if the baby is up crying all night?  It makes for an exhausting trip if everyone gets woken up.  Having more than one sleeping area makes all the difference.  An added bonus is when you have a living area so that the kids and adults can spread out a bit (a benefit of vacation rentals).

4. Plan some activities
Of course it is important to be flexible while on vacation, but it's also a good idea to book some activities ahead of time.  Let's say you want to go fishing, but didn't book ahead or look into a few boat charters.  Now you will be stuck wasting time on your vacation searching for a company to take you fishing.  It's a lot easier to have at least a few activities planned or booked ahead.  At the least, do your research before leaving and jot down a few companies you would like to book an activity with.

5.  Have some FUN!
When it comes down to it, all that matters is you are on vacation with your family, making lasting memories.  If things don't go as planned, just roll with it!  Don't have a breakdown in front of Disney World like the mother did on the hit TV show The Middle.   It's just not worth making a big scene at Disney World just because things haven't gone the way you hoped!  Enjoy every minute of your family vacation!

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii vacation condo
If you are taking a family vacation and need some ideas of where to go, the most popular destinations are: Orlando/Disney, Florida, Hawaii,   Lake Tahoe, and Yellowstone National Park.  All of these destinations offer a lot of activities that the whole family will enjoy!  If you need help planning your family vacation, contact our travel specialist.  We love helping our customers find their perfect place for their family vacation! has over 66,000  vacation rental properties in over 79 countries.  Perfect Places is dedicated to helping travelers find and rent vacation rental properties worldwide. Vacation Rental properties offer a compelling alternative to Hotels for travelers seeking additional space, amenities and value that Hotels are often unable to match. Perfect Places is a privately owned company headquartered in Mountain View, California.