Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Fall Vacation Destinations

The end of summer is coming to a close and for many people that means one thing- Fall is coming!  Football, foliage, pumpkins, apple orchards, hot chocolate, bonfires, and boots!  Not only does fall offer a variety of activities, but it can also be a great time to travel to destinations that are in low season (think Mexico!) because it can save some cash!  Whatever your favorite part about fall may be, you may find it at one of these great fall vacation destinations!

Nashville, Tennessee/Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee
This vibrant city is known for the being the hub of country music!  Take a stroll downtown Nashville and listen to live music on every corner and stop into a honky-tonk bar for some good old fashion fun!   It is also a beautiful area of the United States with an abundance of nature that surrounds the vibrant city.  After you have had some fun in the city, escape to Fall Creek Falls for some of the most beautiful waterfalls, fall foliage, and relaxation!
Fall Creek Falls resort vacation rental
Nashville area attractions

Vacation rental in Grand Caymen Islands
You might be thinking, what?  The Caribbean doesn't have fall foliage!  Well, you are correct, they have palm trees!  However, traveling to the Caribbean during the Fall is a fantastic opportunity to save some money on your travel.  Generally, September through the beginning of December is off season in the Caribbean, which means that rates are lower for accommodations and even airline tickets.  Most destinations have beautiful weather during these months so it's a great time to enjoy the beach at a much lower price.

Finish your day at your very own Napa Valley Vacation home!
 Napa Valley, California
With numerous wineries, festivals and harvesting of the grapes, Nape Valley knows how to do Fall and do it well!  There are activities going on all over the wine region and many of them are free.  Bonus--driving through the valley is a beautiful activity in itself.  It is one the prettiest areas of the country, especially during the many Stomping of the Grapes activities in Napa.  Go barefoot and help stomp the grapes, or grab a glass of wine in the winery and enjoy!

These are just a few of the great places to visit for your fall vacation!  You can also view beautiful fall foliage and fall activities by visiting Colorado, North Carolina/Blue Ridge Mountains, Montana, New Hampshire, and Vermont!  If you need some help planning your fall vacation, please contact our Travel Specialist!  We love helping our customers find their perfect place for vacation!

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