Thursday, April 7, 2016

Private Island Escapes

Imagine yourself on your own island adventure!

Does hopping on a jet to your own private island sound like the perfect escape from reality?  Let's make that dream come true!  You can, in fact, rent your own private island for a well-deserved vacation (or longer).  Let's kick back, relax, and check out these fantastic private islands available to rent!

Bird Island, Belize
Our first adventure of the isles takes us to Belize!  South America is known for it's fantastic year-round weather, snorkeling, and breathtaking beaches.  This private island is located just a short boat ride off Placencia Village, and yes the transportation to and from is included!  Snorkeling here is a must as this island is located inside a protected coral-reef making the water crystal clear.  This unique island is also solar powered, making it even more tranquil for your well deserved getaway!

Next up on our island voyage, let's head East to the islands of Indonesia!  This absolutely amazing private island is the epitome of luxury!  Prestigious, modern, and Eco-friendly, this home is a hidden gem that lies within the pristine group of Thousand Islands in the Java Sea.  Not only do you have the entire island to yourself, you also have access to a private chef and butler service.  A new menu is created each day to suit your taste and is made with the freshest tropical ingredients of the Indies! If you want to unwind and kick back, you have the choice of two white sand beaches, or if you want to be more adventurous, you can take out a kayak, water ski, or snorkel through the gorgeous waters. 

Nuasjarvi Lake, Finland
Our final stop of our island adventure, is Finland!  The Northern European country of Finland is set along Sweden and Russia as well as the Baltic Sea.  This stunning island offers a majestic feel, almost movie like, in the middle of Nuasjarvi Lake. The island and lake are full of outdoor adventure, from fishing, to jet skiing, to golfing, to snowmobiling, there is simply so much to do! The home on this private island is one of the most modern and luxury accommodations in the area, offering beautiful lake views from nearly every room. With your own private sand beach and dock, you can start your day right on the water!  You may not want to leave this private island escape!